What is really wrong with Shari’a courts

You might, or perhaps might not, be aware that there is a thriving system of alternative courts that serves the Islamic community in the UK. They operate under the banner of “Arbitration” and so are enabled via the 1996 Arbitration act. It might on the surface appear to be of no consequence, especially if what it … Read more

Brunei goes back to stone age … literally … by introducing stoning

The rather surprising news is that Brunei has put in place a new sharia code, a very very strict version, that includes fines and jail terms for offences such as failure to attend Friday prayers, and also with future penalties that will include flogging and death by stoning. Hey Brunei, welcome back to the 7th … Read more

Pew Research … Most Muslims want Sharia law… but nobody agrees on what that is.

A Pew Research survey entitled “The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society” polled 38,000 Muslims across 39 countries, and shows that the majority favour the implementation of sharia law. However, there is one very important fact that can also be demonstrated from this same survey,and while is something that is already known to those familiar with the … Read more

Heaven on Earth: a Journey Through Shari’ah Law by Sadakat Kadri

Nicholas Lezard, a literary critic, has a review of  “Heaven on Earth: a Journey Through Shari’ah Law” which has been written by Sadakat Kadri. It does appear to be interesting (I’ve not read the book, just the review), so I’ll not comment too deeply upon it until I’ve finished reading it myself (then again criticism … Read more

Sharia in action in the UK – It tells you all you really need to know

Charlotte Rachael Proudman, a barrister with a commitment to human rights, social justice and equality, writes last April a very very interesting artice in the UK’s Independent that is well worth reading by all those who wish to gain an insight into what Sharia is really all about. In the past when I have openly criticised … Read more

Sharia … is not an alternative form of morality – Support One Law for All

Muslims believe sharia is God’s law, and appear to be rather eager to see it established. However, what is rather interesting is that there is no consensus on what it actually is. There is a considerable degree of variation, so if you probe, you quickly discover that modernists, traditionalists and fundamentalists all hold different views … Read more