The collapse of faith in Catholic priests

catholic confidence in priests

What do Catholics think about Catholic Priests? Roughly one month ago, in the lead up to Christmas 2018, Gallup conducted a poll of people that asked about the categories of professions that they trusted the most. They have been doing that every year for some time now. From that one we learned the following … Nurses … Read more

Bizarre News: Catholic Gay Porn slide show by priest

There is a rather odd story in today’s Guardian about an Irish Priest who gave a rather surprising Powerpoint presentation to the parents of children in his care. It was supposed to be all about their upcoming first confessions. It all happened at St Mary’s Primary School in the Northern Ireland village of Pomeroy, County … Read more

Its the Catholics again … avoiding responsibility

I often wonder if I’ve heard every possible excuse to justify not accepting responsibility for child abuse. However, just when I think I have, along comes somebody to prove me completely wrong.

There is currently a case taking place in the UK that involves a girl known as “JGE”, who was sexually abused while a six-year-old resident at The Firs, a children’s home in Portsmouth run by an order of nuns, the English Province of Our Lady of Charity. JGE was sexually abused by Father Wilfred Baldwin, a priest of the Roman Catholic diocese of Portsmouth and its “vocations director”, who regularly visited The Firs during the 70s. Her legal team claim the nuns were negligent and in breach of duty, and that the diocese was liable for Baldwin’s alleged abuse as he was a Catholic priest engaged within the work of the diocese.

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