The Deconversion of Tens of Millions – The Age of the Nones

Today as you wake and look out, you might indeed conclude that the landscape you see is exactly the same as yesterday. It is not. You have woken up in a new world, an alien landscape. This is a place that was once peopled by tens of millions who previously identified with organised religion. Something … Read more

Many people now Hate Evangelicals

Pew just released a new survey that checks to see how we all feel about various religious groups. Dated March 15, you can find their report here. Pro Tip: If, for any survey, you can’t find such details, or you can’t work out exactly how they ran the survey, then you should be extremely skeptical … Read more

Why do people believe we are now in the End Times?

Since the very beginning of Christianity the idea that we are in the last days has been a persistent belief. To illustrate this reality, Wikipedia has an ever growing and most probably incomplete list of dates that were predicted to be the final day. A more recent and rather famous example were the predictions made … Read more

Pew Poll: SCOTUS & Religion

Pew have published a new poll that covers how people now view SCOTUS (Supreme Court of The United States). Before we get into the details of that poll, first let’s do a quick review regarding some recent religiously motivated decisions so that we can view the poll results with some clear facts in mind … … Read more

Pew Claim: 45% say US should be Christian Nation

The results of the latest Pew poll announces an insight like this … “45% of Americans Say U.S. Should Be a ‘Christian Nation’” Is this a credible claim? Pew are a serious and very credible polling organisation, so is this something we should take seriously? But wait, what are the details here, what exactly were … Read more

What do people really think about Abortion?

We need not guess, there is recent data available. On May 6, Pew published the details. Titled “America’s Abortion Quandary“, the byline under that title sums it up as follows … A majority of Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, but many are open to restrictions; many opponents of legal … Read more