Top five regrets of the dying

The UK’s Guardian has a story that claims to list the “Top five regrets of the dying“. The background is that Bronnie Ware, a palliative nurse based in Australia who counselled the dying in their last days, has revealed the most common regrets we have at the end of our lives. OK, I know you are … Read more

The Homeopathic poll – Justifying how you should vote.

The UK’s Guardian is running a homeopathic poll in which they ask you to vote “yes” or “no” in response to the question, “Should homeopathic treatments be available on the National Health Service?”.  Perhaps you have already had this pointed out and have been encourage to vote “no”, but have you really thought about it?

Hey it’s an easy question, the answer is obvious … or is it? (Don’t panic, it is, I just want you to think through the arguments and to also explain why the NHS still has it on offer)

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$1 Million is yours … if you can prove that Homeopathy works

To win $1 Million all you need to do is to prove to the James Randi Educational Foundation that Homeopathy actually works. That sounds like easy money, because obviously it works … surely it must, it can’t be a con. Think about it now, almost all pharmacies sell Homeopath remedies, in fact the UK has … Read more

Homeopathic Vodka

Are you familiar with the 10 23 campaign? If not then click here to find out more. These are the UK based skeptics who organized a mass public homeopathic overdose. At 10:23am on January 30th, more than four hundred homeopathy skeptics nationwide took part in a mass homeopathic ‘overdose’ in protest at Boots’ continued endorsement … Read more

Living in the Idiocracy – No need to wait 500 years

Idiocracy is the 2006 movie in which two ordinary people get frozen for 500 years and wake up to a future where natural selection has been rather indifferent as regards intelligence. In other words, all the stupid people managed to outbreed the smart ones. The net result is a world populated entirly by illiterate alcoholic … Read more