UK TV Alert – Today Thur 13th – Exposure: Islam’s Non-Believers

In the UK ITV is broadcasting “Exposure: Islam’s Non-Believers” tonight. The traditional penalty for becoming an ex-Muslim is death. While there are still roughly about 13 nations on the planet that have that penalty as part of their legal code, things are different in the UK. In theory, you can take on, practise, or discard … Read more

Why do people leave Islam and become ex-Muslim, what are their stories?

Today is the start of Ramadan, and so to mark the event (as a non-believer), I’m posting a few stories from ex-Muslims who explain why, despite the deployment of intimidation, isolation, threats of potential violence and death threats, they have opted to courageously leave Islam. For this I have dipped into the website of the Council of Ex-Muslims, … Read more

Ex-Muslims – Feeling The destructive force of belief

When belief takes root within the human mind it can blind individuals to the things that truly matter. BBC Newsbeat talked to Sara, an Ex-Muslim, about her experience of no longer believing … “You feel like you’re betraying everyone. Because no one leaves Islam,” she says. She says they kicked her out at 17 and she’s not … Read more

What does the Quran really say?

Sugar coated religious claims from apologists who would like to convert you are quite common and often pop up, and so here is a recent Islamic example from FB … DO GOOD TO OTHERS, YOUR LIFE WILL BE MEANINGFUL “Do good to others as Allah has done good to you.” – Quran 28:77 “Anyone who does … Read more

ex-muslims explain why they have abandoned Islam

The CEMB (Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain) has a list. It is a very very long list that runs for page after page of members who have renounced Islam, and they each explain very bravely in public why they have done so. It fact, they have two distinct categories, both of which run on for … Read more