Today is Darwin Day

charles darwin

The 12th February is officially International Darwin day. I tend to have a Charles Darwin posting up to mark the occasion, and so here are a few samples from previous years … 2015: Was Darwin a racist, and does evolution promote racism? – #DarwinDay (Hint … No) 2016: Why is Today Darwin Day and what is … Read more

Debunking 5 common Darwin myths – #DarwinDay

charles darwin

Today is officially International Darwin day. No seriously, it really is, I’m not making that up, the 12th February is officially Darwin day. It was chosen because Charles Darwin was born on 12th February 1809, and so it is celebrated all around the world today. Celebrating the life and works of Charles Darwin goes right … Read more

It is Darwin day – 12th Feb

Today, 12th February is International Darwin day. Why today? Basically because it is the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin on 12 February 1809. It is of course not just to celebrate the contributions that Charles Darwin made to the understanding of our origins, but it is also an excuse to promote science in general. This is not a … Read more

Why is Today Darwin Day and what is happening?

You might, or perhaps might not, be aware, but today (12th February) is Darwin day. This is an officially recognised day that is celebrated worldwide every 12th February, the day that Charles Darwin was born, and the aim is not simply to celebrate his contribution to our understanding about Evolution and hence our origins, but to … Read more