Why are Some Religious people very prone to embracing Conspiracy Theories?

Thinking a specific way about things can render you to being susceptible to falling down the conspiracy rabbit hole. This has been revealed by an interesting little paper that has recently been published. It reveals a connection between specific types of religious beliefs and conspiracy thinking. Titled “Christ, Country, and Conspiracies? Christian Nationalism, Biblical Literalism, … Read more

Pastor says “99% Sure Russia Not Invading Ukraine”

Pick almost any nation on the planet, tune into the local News, and you will be faced with Wall to Wall coverage of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. Unless you live within the highly censored Russian media bubble, you simply cannot miss the stark and stomach churning details of what is happening. Despite that, some … Read more

How to cope with kids who embrace conspiracy theories?

conspiracy theory

Published within the British Journal of Developmental Psychology is a study that reveals that kids are prime targets for fake news. One word … “Yikes!”. Titled “Measuring adolescents’ beliefs in conspiracy theories: Development and validation of the Adolescent Conspiracy Beliefs Questionnaire” the open access paper reveals that a team of researchers created and then validated … Read more

9/11 – The Conspiracy of Silence


Each year I put up a posting related to 9/11. It is perhaps a reflection of the date being burned into my brain. Key moments in history are like that, we often remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when we hear about something truly impactful. In the past I’ve written about … Read more