Are Atheists Afraid of God?

The author and Broadcaster, Eric Metaxas,  has chipped into the debate regarding the latest quite frankly rather daft claim within a new book by Larry Alex Taunton that claims that well-known Intellectual and Atheist Christopher Hitchens (pictured above) was seriously pondering the idea of a death-bed conversion just before he died. Given that his article is entitled, … Read more

The non-conversion of Christopher Hitchens

It is perhaps inevitable that claims of deathbed religious conversions pop up for most well-known people, because religion is basically an emotional experience and not an intellectual one, so an appeal to your emotions that runs along the lines of “Look, here is somebody famous who converted, you should do so as well”. The problem … Read more

Essay: Religion Is Absurd – Christopher Hitchens

Religion Is Absurd – Christopher Hitchens Religion will always retain a certain tattered prestige because it was our first attempt as a species to make sense of the cosmos and of our own nature, and because it continues to ask “why”. Its incurable disability, however, lies in its insistence that the answer to that question … Read more

Christopher Hitchens is gone

We knew this day was coming and could not be avoided, and yet perhaps we also all hoped for it to be postponed for a lot longer, and so having clutched that hope, today’s news was indeed one of sorrow. Many have written much, and so I shall simply point out some of the best … Read more

Death of a Madman

I need not name him, the subject line says it all. Normally the loss of any human life is a tragedy, but in this specific instance we find an exception to that rule. An individual such as this who was relentlessly driven on a self-appointed celestial mission to inflict a delusional belief-system upon innocents by force made him exceedingly dangerous, not just in theory, but in practise, for he inspired many to spill blood on an industrial scale.

There is much I’d be tempted to write, but others have already done a far better job than I could ever muster, so I’ll simply draw your attention to the words of two such writers.

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Quoting Hitchens

I have two items for you today, both specific to Christopher Hitchens.

The first is the letter that he has written. He was scheduled to appear at a conference of atheists during the weekend, but sadly had to cancel due to his illness, so he wrote them a letter instead. Now remember, this is a man that has a true gift with the written word, so while his voice might indeed have been absent, his thoughts and words have now instead been spread far a wide via this open letter, perhaps far further than initially planned, here are some extracts to tempt you to read it all …

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