Does COVID really shrink and rot your Brain?

brain scan

There have been media stories that report that even mild COVID infections can impact the human brain. I don’t simply mean the tabloids, but also reputable sources such as Reuters have run this. For example … Reuters in Early March : COVID-19 can cause brain shrinkage, memory loss – study Permit me to quote the … Read more

New multi-sensory Illusions from CalTech


First, let’s go directly to the new illusions. Once you have personally experienced it we can then dig down into what is going on here. Just play the clip and follow the instructions as it proceeds … The Explanation The Caltech researchers have developed these two new illusions to reveal that your senses can influence … Read more

Priming: Hearing things that are not really there – Yanni or Laurel

Yanni or Laurel

I’m building up to an explanation for the “Yanni or Laurel” audio illusion. First, let’s talk about audio illusions in general. Pictured above is Ben Langley on Britains Got Talent last weekend. His act consisted of playing various very well-known songs, but he primed you to hear something distinctly different by holding up a series … Read more

Why do political and religious discussions become heated?

Dialog on most topics tends to not result in heated verbal exchanges, but move on to either strongly embraced politics or religion ideas and you may find that verbal a whiplash is soon being deployed. What is going on here, why is it like this? What is even more fascinating is that even when faced with mountains of … Read more