Christian Persecution

Pastor Alistair Begg has been on the receiving end of a total shit-storm that descended and proceeded to grind him down, crush him, and then purge him. Why? He is a traditional Conservative Christian pastor that recently advised his radio listeners that it was OK to attend a transgender wedding. When other conservative christians became … Read more

5-Year old kicked out of school because Aunt is Gay

There really is no “love” that is on par with Fundamentalist Christian “Love”, it is quite unique. Our tale today concerns a private Christian school named Bible Baptist Academy down in DeQuincy, Louisiana. This is where five year old Zoey once almost attended. The words “Private Christian” are a tad ominous because that’s generally a free … Read more

Science Teacher Fired for Being Gay

This story is not a unique event, but instead is simply a rinse and repeat of the same old bigotry by the Catholic Church. What happened? Sue Fustin was a science teacher in Decatur, Illinois. There she was taken on by Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. No secrets were kept. When she applied, she … Read more

Is Weird Religious News Bigotry?

weird religious news

Because I blog every day I find that I tend to fall into a pattern. About once a week I scan the news and list out items that happened during the past seven days that is utterly absurd and has been inspired by religious belief. Key Point 1: The list is not a suggestion or … Read more

Dialogues with “Moderate” Muslims

There was a recent discussion on CNN recently between Sam Harris and Islamic “moderate”, Dean Obeidallah. Here is that actual clip, it runs for about 10 minutes. The context is the prevailing issues regarding the very negative attitudes of many towards Islam, and of course this dialogue was triggered by Ben Carson’s declaration that a Muslim could … Read more

Protesting against the anti-gay truck repair shop

OK, so most of this might already be known to you, stick with me here, there is a punch line coming at the end. The Christian owner of a Michigan truck repair shop, Brian Klawiter, announced on his Facebook page that he would not hesitate to refuse service to an openly gay person or persons. His posting has since then … Read more