Delusion of the week: “Jesus saved me from Sex with Alien Lizard”

Today of all days perhaps merits something that is pure entertainment. This happened last Monday, and it just has to be the weirdest claim this week … so far.

“weirdest” is a very high bar, but hey, somebody always manages it.

If you are trying to get your head around all of this, you do need to remember that the age we live in is the one where the evangelicals declared a godless lying womanizing fraud was the messiah and promptly elected him to office in 2016, and then a plague shows up.

What follows comes from the Nov 22nd Monday edition of the Jim Bakker show. They had Sharon Gilbert on. As an “end-times” preacher she fits right in. Jim Bakker needs to do his usual grifting… “We are in the end-times, civilization is about to fall apart, so please buy my survival food buckets for $1,000 each

Quick reminder: Jim is the TV evangelist who went to jail for fraud. He is out now and so he learned from that previous experience how to scam the gullible without going to jail.

Here is what Happened

We have the actual clip of what she said via Hemant Mehta …

That clip in the tweet runs for just 2 mins.

Here is what she claimed …

After Derek and I got married, one night, this other Derek appears in our bed. The real Derek is lying down next to me, other Derek sits right up out of him.

It startled me.

I knew that was not Derek, and so I asked this critter, who are you? Because he clearly wanted to have sexual relations.

And I said he said: ‘Come on, I am your husband.’

I said: ‘Who are you?’ and he had the nerve to claim to be, Ahasuerus – Xerxes.

Well, other Derek seriously wanted to invite me, to use my free will to do something that was going to pull me away from God.

So this last time I knew he was really desperate and I asked him again ‘who are you?.’ He told me the same answer and I said ‘I am not going with you.’

This was an internal dialogue, finally, I said I have had enough, in my mind.

I reached up, I grabbed his face and I said: ‘You are a liar and Jesus is real.’ and I pulled that face off and beneath it was a reptile.

He had little creatures with him this time, he brought these little halfling creatures and they looked like, I don’t know, gargoyles and they were very reptilian as well. Beneath the face of Derek was a reptilian serpentine creature …

And the correct response is …

What the actual F**k?

Her “friend” claimed to be Ahasuerus. There is a Wikipedia page for that name. Apparently, it is a Persian name that pops up in several places in the bible. That however is the least weird thing in all of this.

We are to believe that an alien reptile imitated her husband so that it could have sex with her, but Jesus saved her.

This is not a theology I’m familiar with.

However, digging a bit leads me to think that this is indeed the alternative universe she lives in. You can find her on Amazon as an author of these …

At first glance, those all look like your typical fun fantasy/horror books.

You better check your seat belt because another “WTF” is incoming.

She is selling the above as “Bible Study” Texts, not fiction.

  • In the first we learn that “pagan gods are real” and also that “Dragons are real”
  • In the second, “Giants are real”
  • The third is predictions, for example that we are about to witness angels everywhere. She published it 5 years ago, her “predictions” have all failed (I’m shocked I tell you, completely shocked)
  • In the forth, published in 2014, we learn that the antichrist is here. Well duh, she voted for him when he turned up in 2016.
  • etc…

This is all Pseudo-Christian fantasy being sexed up and churned out at roughly $10 a pop to earn lots of $$$.

The first ranks 98th in the Kindle “Bible Study” category.

Does she sincerely believe all this stuff?

Despite the fact that none of it is actually true, she just might. To be honest, I can never be truly sure because obviously she simply went full “Jim Bakker”, and so this is really all about pushing emotional buttons and tickling believing brains to rake in $$$

As for her nighttime dream that she claims was real, what should we make of that? I suspect she simply had a weird dream and now tells it as “truth” because it makes her “interesting” and stand out when competing with all the other religious grifters out there.

This perhaps is truly a moment to be deeply thankful that we are not this gullible or delusional.

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