Cult of Fools Weekly (June 9, 2024) – “The Chosen One”

Via a Dallas Observer article dated June 6, we learn that …

Natasha Owens’ new single “The Chosen One,” which uses suspiciously Christ-like imagery to describe the former president, is easily one of the weirdest songs about Trump we’ve ever heard.



Is this satire?

Nope, here it is …

You are not being punked, she has indeed actually released a religious praise song called “The Chosen One” all about Trump.

Here is another quote from that article …

Owens stands out for having an established, pre-Trump brand and throwing it away to write songs about the guy from The Apprentice with the same reverence she used to reserve for Jesus.

That, to us, is far more insane than the actual content of “The Chosen One.”

Previously, between 2013 and 2021, she released four Christian contemporary albums (plus a Christmas album) that largely hit on themes of doing all things through Christ who strengthens her, but this really is something else. 

The article also explains …

Despite the anti-blasphemy disclaimer at the beginning of the song, it can be tricky to tell which lines refer to God and which refer to Trump. “There’s only one God and he’s still on the throne” is sung shortly after a reference to America’s real leader. Trump is also said to have been greeted with “a Judas kiss.” (She name-dropped Judas but forgot to mention Jesus, by the way. This song’s bona fides as Christian worship music are getting a little dicey.)

There is a lot of real North Korean “Dear Leader” energy in play here.

Her song is also the sound of the second commandment being tossed under the bus.

So yes, it really is a cult.

Some might indeed suggest that such devotion for a sexual predator, fraudster, and convicted felon is an act of stupidity. I however maintain that there is no acting involved, it is instead the real deal.

It also perhaps means that the tag line for next November can literally be this …

Moving on, below you will once again find my usual selection of some of the other truly bizarre and extreme claims that have popped up during the last 7 days. Each is laced with my snarky commentary. 

With my usual hat tip to my various sources, let’s once again dive into this very deep murky pool of absurdity and raw stupidity. 

Wait, did I say “other” bizarre claims, because there is no ducking the observation that a great deal of what now follows is inspired by the orange pussy-grabbing fraudster and convicted felon.

The Cult of Trump

Right-wing activist Mark Meckler is calling for New York City to be walled off and expelled from the United States over Trump’s guilty verdict: “This is a cancer in our country and it needs to be removed.

  • I don’t think he fully grasps that the actual “cancer in our country” consists of Trump cult nutters such as him.
  • Guys like this are so deeply ensnared and mesmerised by their beloved orange convicted felon that utterly absurd and totally insane “ideas” like this are seriously considered.
  • Here is a more detailed quote … “We ought to build a wall around New York City. We ought to close off the bridges and we ought to separate them from the United States of America,” Meckler declared, saying he was only being “semi-facetious.” “There is no rule of law in New York City anymore. There is no due process in New York City anymore. There is no United States Constitution in New York City anymore. It operates as if it doesn’t believe in the rule of law, it doesn’t believe in the United States Constitution, so let’s just cut them out. Let them figure it out on their own. Let’s see how well New York City does without the rest of the country.”. “I think we ought to look into figuring out, when Trump’s in office, how and if we can do this,” Meckler continued. “This is a cancer in our country and it needs to be removed. I don’t know what the best remedy is so that’s why I said this is semi-facetious, but I’d be willing to look into let’s get New York City out of the United States of America because they don’t believe in due process anymore. I think New York City is forfeiting its right to be part of the United States of America, and I think we ought to seriously look into that,” Meckler concluded. “I don’t know if it can be done, that’s why I say I’m only half-serious about this. [But] I could be made to be wholly serious.
  • Apparently Mr Meckler has absolutely no scruples at all about totally plagiarizing John Carpenter’s 1981 SiFi cult-classic “documentary” called “Escape from New York

Addressing Dr Fauci, Jamie Raskin points out how some treat convicted felons with love and admiration …

Scott Lively loves former President Donald Trump but worries that he might actually be the Antichrist: “I don’t want that to be true about Trump, even in the slightest. I’m just performing my Christian due diligence on the biblical math as I perceive it.

  • Biblical math” is where 2+2 equals whatever the hell I want it to be, and it definitely is not 4 because that answer is a Biden orchestrated demonic conspiracy.

Tony Perkins claims that Trump’s hush money payment to cover up his adulterous affair with an adult film actress is something that conservative Christians “would completely call out, and have.” In reality, Perkins and company actually “gave [Trump] a mulligan.”

  • Evangelicals aren’t compromising their beliefs by supporting Trump, but instead they are displaying what their values actually are.

Ben Johnson of The Washington Stand exposes “The Spiritual Warfare Behind the Trump Conviction.

  • For a bit of context, the “Washington Stand” is simply an extremist right-wing religious propaganda website run by the homophobic Family Research council.
  • When it comes to “Good vs Evil” then perhaps they need to hit pause and explain why they are choosing to be cheerleaders for team evil.

Religious-right activists insist that former President Donald Trump has a deep Christian faith, yet whenever he is asked about it, he inevitably responds by talking about how much evangelicals love him and rambling on incessantly.

  • Everybody, except those inside the cult, can clearly see it is a cult.
  • There really is no denying their steadfast devotion to their beloved Lord and Savour whom they have given up all for and followed, the convicted felon, fraudster, racist, and pussy grabber Donald Trump
  • I mean seriously now, the clip should be a bit of a red flag, but apparently not … Q: What’s your relationship with God? How do you pray? Trump: People worship ME and pray for ME. Something something me me me me something me me me (incoherent pre-K level word salad about being good and going to heaven).

Christian Nationalism

Christian nationalist Sean Feucht claims that when families stopped listening to Taylor Swift, their daughters were no longer angry all the time and stopped having nightmares.

  • Translation: Children no longer share details about their personal lives with their parents for fear of retaliation
  • Meanwhile, there is the suggestion that Christian Nationalists should keep on waging a war against Taylor Swift because there is no way it could ever backfire.

MAGA pastor/Trump-endorsed GOP congressional candidate Mark Burns is pretty sure that the Rapture will happen within his lifetime, claims that Christians are being bullied in America, and then declares that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other members of “The Squad” should be “in chains, held for treason.”

  • The “Rapture” is an evangelical belief that was dreamed up in the 1830s via John Nelson Darby and did not exist prior to then. The vast majority of Christians reject the idea as total BS.
  • Meanwhile, who exactly is being bullied and who is doing the bullying? (Hint: Chat to either the LGBTQ community or women seeking healthcare choices)
  • He is also clearly a very big “fan” of free speech because he wants those that say stuff he does not like to be “in chains, held for treason.

Historical Revisions

Dinesh D’Souza claims: “This [Picture of US Constitution] 1776 document was produced entirely by CONVICTED FELONS. All these men were criminals who faced the death penalty from a regime that insisted no one was above the law. Trump is in such good company!

  • Fact Check 1: Via Community Notes – It’s a photo of the US Constitution which was not produced in 1776. The U.S. Constitution was produced during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia from May 25-September 17, 1787 and the final draft of the Constitution was signed by the delegates on September 17, 1787.
  • Fact Check 2: As I’m sure you all know, but apparently Mr D’Souza does not … none of the signatories of the U.S. Constitution had been convicted as felons by the British or any other authority. However, several of them were involved in revolutionary activities against British rule and might have faced potential charges of treason had the American Revolution failed
  • Meanwhile in D’Souza’s revised history we have founding fathers who were convicted felons for paying off hookers, refusing to return mishandled classified information, stealing from charities, and defrauding their lenders and employees … right?
  • Reminder that actions do have consequences: The week before last, D’Souza’s supposed documentary on the 2020 election fraud, 2000 Mules, has been pulled because it was totally bogus and those named in it quite rightly pushed back with defamation lawsuits.

D-Day Remembrance

At Trump’s event this past week, Charlie Kirk says that the people in the MAGA movement are just like the soldiers who fought in D-Day because the Biden Administration is a fascist totalitarian dictatorship just like Nazi Germany.

Erick Erickson admits that he knows that Trump is indeed a tyrant …

It is also worth remembering that Trump has called the soldiers in the Normandy cemeteries “losers” and “suckers.”

Why use Lots of words when just one will do

He nails it …

Homophobia on Steroids

MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer says that “the LGBTQXYZ+3 movement is a demonic-inspired movement. It’s totally demonic.

Least you wonder, Republicans are not being subtle in any way about their bigotry and have gone full Taliban, it is right there in all our faces …

  • Apparently God hates some flags … but Nazi flags or Confederate flags are just fine.

Wisconsin Racism

I feel sorry for the daughter who must be deeply embarrassed to have a father like this …

“Skip School and go to Church” is now almost official OK policy

A bill that promotes indoctrination instead of education is being vigorously promoted by the the OK Schools Superintendent …

  • He is not only begging for a lawsuit, but he is also giving the other side all the evidence it needs.
  • Least you wonder about the Satan quip from him, the backstory there is that Satanists, the church-state separate folks who use religious imagery to make their point, have their own course ready to launch.

So will the Satanists really roll up now?

They already have …

Stupidity Incarnate

Whenever you think “Nobody could possibly be that stupid“, up pops somebody quite determined to prove that thought to be ever so wrong …

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Again and again, actions really do have consequences …

Mississippi Corruption

It is inevitable that those exposed as utterly corrupt will simply push back …

Deeply Weird

Todd Starnes declares that “Anthony Fauci is a monster”: “He’s responsible for the slaughter of thousands of Americans. He’s the face of a modern-day genocide.

  • Todd’s “scientific expert” for this claim is Marjorie Taylor Greene (I’m not kidding, she really is his source).
  • For a bit of context, what has been going on this past week was the house hearing that was a Republican attempt at revisionist history and so strove to ignore the policy failures of the administration of former US president Donald Trump early during the pandemic and to “blame the scientists”. Scientific American covered it – Basically the Republican claims and Fauci Conspiracy claims are … (oh come now, you already know) … total BS, and Scientific American explains exactly why.
  • Side Note: The goal of two years of hearings by this subcommittee is to advance policy to help the country prepare for the next pandemic … but thanks to Republican lunacy, it has exactly zero chance of actually achieving that.

Angry over Alex Jones’ legal problems, Ali Alexander fumes that “The Sandy Hook Activist Families SUCK!”: “They’re killing America’s children.”

  • Alex Jones earned his legal problems by working ever so hard to promote the fraudulent claim regarding the Sandy Hook families being crisis actors and that their kids who died never existed, so much so that Jones followers harassed and threatened the Sandy Hook families on a daily basis for years and made their lives complete hell.
  • Jones has been playing the victim and claiming there is a conspiracy against him to try and stave off the inevitable … and still fails to recognise that the chief architect of his downfall is himself.
  • Mr Alexander’s attempt to support a total scumbag like Jones tells us a great deal about what kind of guy Alexander himself actually is.

Gene Bailey, host of the “FlashPoint” program, says that “nobody is going to give it to you 100 percent straight, besides us.

  • Everybody is lying to you except us” … says the guy who works for the fraudster Kenneth Copeland and hangs out with other well-known fraudsters who use religion to con people such as convicted felon Jim Bakker whom he used to work for.
  • The essence of a successful con is to project an air of confidence that is sufficiently compelling. The use of a religious facade is deployed because many dare not criticise, plus it also keeps the IRS away, and enables them to keep their financial records secret.
  • Meanwhile, least you are tempted to fall for it … here is a detailed breakdown of Gene Bailey’s failed prophecies.

When it comes to child labour laws, Iowa is being Iowa with a new law …

The False Profit$

In April, self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman backed an effort to change Nebraska’s electoral system to help Trump. More than two weeks later, tornadoes stuck the state and Kunneman says they were “a manifestation of the Devil” upset about the effort

  • He uses god and the devil as reinforcements for his extremist ideological preferences, it’s all part of he con.
  • I guess it was Schrodinger’s tornado … god did it to punish because of all the abortions … and the devil did it to thwart the religious … It’s deeply weird to find humans in the 21st century who are stupid enough to actually believe tornados are supernatural occurrences.

Self-Appointed “Prophet” and Dominionist Johnny Enlow Says Trump Legal Woes Justify Military Coup

  • Apparently both democracy and also the rule of law is out now … we are down to a monarchy now.
  • Today’s political-religious fanaticism is now breeding fascism.

The GOP Can’t even find Milwaukee

Update: the 2024 GOP convention’s “news and updates” page now has an image of host city Milwaukee, not Ho Chi Minh City … but least you doubt, the wayback machine still has it.

  • Should we now be preparing for rooftop rescues from the GOP National Convention to get the last few remaining sane people safely out?

Reminder: Pick the right battles

Seriously now, this is good guidance…

Not the Epstein Files

Trump explains that he would declassify anything and everything … except the Epstein files …

Scam of the week

“These guys”The American College of Pediatricians put out a statement …

However … they are a sham right-wing group with a very low membership of actual doctors and it exists simply to spread misinformation. The actual legit medical group is the American Academy of Pediatrics. The right-wing group deliberately chose its name to cause this confusion.

Their activities are strongly opposed by many doctors whose work has been abused by this group for political purposes, hence this stance …

The American College of Pediatricians has been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a “hate group“, and a “fringe group” which closely collaborates with the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) with “a history of propagating damaging falsehoods about LGBT people, including linking homosexuality to pedophilia”.[20][13][21] 

… and least you wonder, yes they happily also promote pure quackery …

The group advocates against abortion rights and rights for gay, queer, and transgender people. ACPeds promotes conversion therapy and purity culture.[3][4][1] 

Surgical oncologist David Gorski has said that statements from ACPeds have been used by quack sites like Natural News to push an anti-vaccine agenda. Gorski has said that organizations spreading misinformation regarding HPV vaccines have often cited ACPeds.[24]

They are not a reputable or real medical organization.


Libertarian Guy wants his own personal Nukes …

“Pro Life” advocate ducks and runs when faced with an awkward question about Pro-Life god killing all the first-born sons in Egypt … (and he did not even mention the flood) …

One Last Thought

Why is it like this, why are we now awash in complete and utter lunacy from one side?

Easy, those with all the wealth want to keep it all, and so they will funnel all their money into those that will support that goal.

The degree of wealth inequality that now exists is utterly astonishing …

You can read more on this here.

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