Mandating the Bible in Schools

If something related to religious fanaticism is happening within an Oklahoma school, then you can more or less guarantee that it involves their Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters, the now infamous Christian Nationalist. Not too long ago, June 19 to be precise, Louisiana enacted a law that mandated that the Ten Commandments must be displayed … Read more

Is Mandating Ten Commandments in schools crazy?

Spoiler alert – the short answer is “yes”. Here now is the longer answer that not only explains why, by not just having a pop at the ten commandments as a concept, but also digs into the flaws in the Act and highlights how the lawsuit filed yesterday to counter it is rather solid. To … Read more

Megachurch Pastor sexually abused 12-year-old girl

Who? Not only name them and shame them, but get the message out that the supposedly sanctified and redeemed are not who you believe them to be. In this case it is Pastor Robert Morris. For some, that name takes us right back to my opening question – who? OK, let’s start there. Who is … Read more