Vast Numbers of people are quitting Religion

For this latest insight I am leaning upon two polls, and not just one … Spoiler alert, if you lean towards rationalism, then both are really good news. If however you have a personality that is more inclined to lean into faith, then both will indeed be very depressing. Often pollsters will ask you to … Read more

Is the Influence of Religion declining or rising?

The question sounds simple until you give it a bit of thought? Here is what I mean. If you measured it by the rapidly rising numbers of people who are quitting religion, then you can argue that the influence of religion within the US is indeed in decline. Simply look at the vast number of … Read more

Who is ethical and honest?

On a regular basis Gallup runs an “Ethics and Honesty” ratings poll for various professions. The results are perhaps predictable and expected for some. What is a tad interesting is to compare the latest results with previous polls and see where trends are going. However, there is also problem here. How meaningful are polls that … Read more

The Deconversion of Tens of Millions – The Age of the Nones

Today as you wake and look out, you might indeed conclude that the landscape you see is exactly the same as yesterday. It is not. You have woken up in a new world, an alien landscape. This is a place that was once peopled by tens of millions who previously identified with organised religion. Something … Read more

Poll Results: How does religion Influence thinking on Climate Change?

On Oct 4th, the nonprofit Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) published their report on the role that religion plays when it comes to the topic of thinking about Climate Change. If you are wondering how they created this then wonder no more. It was done via a survey of just over 5,192 adults living in all 50 … Read more

Weird Poll Claim: “Trump is a man of faith”

So this piece of utterly bizarre weirdness popped up … Yes, they really do indeed mean “Trump”, not some other devout individual who just happens to be unfortunately stuck with the same name. This is the same Trump, who behind closed doors says stuff like the following when faced with pastors clamouring to lay hands … Read more