Top 5 truly Weird Homeopathic remedy categories

With a hint that it was like this from Michael Marshall at QED last April, I ambled on over to Freemans Homeopathic online Pharmacy to see what we have on offer when it comes to Homeopathic remedies. If indeed you expect to discover a few strange things, then you will not at all be surprised to discover … Read more

Befuddling and blinding with meaningless gibberish

Edzard Ernst, has pointed out a rather “interesting” paper that has been written by a German child/adolescent psychiatrist and homeopathic physician, Michael Hartmann. Prof Ernst points it out, not because he thinks it is good, but because despite having a string of letters after his name (MD, PhD, FMedSci, FSB, FRCP, FRCPEd), he does not understand a word … Read more

Liverpool NHS to review £30k homeopathy bill

The Liverpool Echo reports the following bit of good news … Liverpool health bosses are spending £30,000 a year of taxpayers’ money on treatment the NHS admits does not work. The Good Thinking Society, a pro-science charity, threatened the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) with legal action over its funding for homeopathy. The organisation has … Read more

Should the UK’s NHS fund homeopathy? #BBCTBQ

Today’s BBC Big Questions has three – ‘Are the rich paying their fair share?’, ‘Should the NHS fund homeopathy?’ and ‘Are women taking over religion?’ Oh this is easy … “No”, “No”, and “Nobody cares (except a few religious folks)”, ah but getting there will be fun, because as I start to write this prior … Read more

Homeopathy – the “cure” that contains no active ingredients

The rather amusing news is that Terra-Medica, a producer Homeopathy remedies has had to recalls more than 50 lots across its range because they potentially contained an active ingredient that just might do something – penicillin. The UK’s Independent reports … A company making homeopathic remedies in the US has had to recall more than 50 different … Read more