Poll Results: How does religion Influence thinking on Climate Change?

On Oct 4th, the nonprofit Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) published their report on the role that religion plays when it comes to the topic of thinking about Climate Change. If you are wondering how they created this then wonder no more. It was done via a survey of just over 5,192 adults living in all 50 … Read more

Antarctic Sea-Ice at mind blowing low


The word “record breaking” is really not a turn of phrase you want to hear when it comes to climate change, and yet here we are. This has been applied, not just to one or two things, but rather disturbingly, to rather a lot of recent events. Now, here we are with one more shattered … Read more

Climate of Confusion

During the initial Republican debate last week the moderator asked the candidates for a show of hands of how many believe in human-caused climate change. This is what happened … None, not one, was prepared to back science. Mountains of very robust observational evidence and literally millions of scientists within every single nation state on … Read more

Solid Proof that Parachutes Don’t Work

Let’s make something clear up front, this article is not actually about Parachutes. There is something far more serious coming up, so stick with me here. I will however say that the parachute study is quite real. Within the British Medical Journal there is research paper titled “Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma … Read more

Climate Updates: The Past, The Present, & The Future

This week I have three distinct climate updates … Let’s take them one by one. Oil giant ExxonMobile had very accurate predictions for climate change in 1970s If you dig a bit into the history of our modern understanding of climate change then one name that will pop up is James Hansen. In the1980s he … Read more

#Climate Updates: Can we doubt Climate Change?

While most people do accept the reality that we live in a warming world, some still do not. That is inevitable because the oil and gas industry has an ever abiding motivation to keep their lights on by persuading us to keep our lights on exclusively via their product. If indeed you have doubts about … Read more