Freedom Of Speech vs Religious Discrimination

The concept of Freedom of Speech is well understood. Religious Discrimination is also something we should aspire to avoid, for example rejecting and being hostile towards people because they are Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, etc… What happens when these conflict, how do you square that circle? The specific example I have in mind concerns a recent … Read more

President of Nigerian Humanist Association sentenced to 24 years jail for ‘blasphemy’

Mubarak Bala

In April 2020, Mubarak Bala, the president Nigerian Humanists, was arrested in Kaduna for blasphemy. His “crime” – He had made a Facebook posting that was deemed to be “Blasphemy” by some. He was then transferred from Kaduna to Kano and held there. The latest update is that on the 5th of April, 2022, yes two years … Read more

Belief, disbelief, and human rights – Walking the tightrope

There is a really good article within The Atlantic that focuses on Ali Rizvi, a chap that I have been friends with on facebook for quite some time, enough to know that he is a good author, a passionate medical doctor, a great blogger and an inspirational individual. What is of specific interest within the article is … Read more

Ex-Muslim talks about witnessing Islamic Hypocrisy

I’ve blogged previously about the project being run by the Ex-Muslims of North America. Briefly, they are creating a video series which provides a brief glimpse into the lives of apostates from around the United States and Canada. Today we have the latest video in that series. Hina: Life Beyond Faith Having resided in Pakistan and … Read more

Unbound: Life beyond faith … ex-Muslims speak out.

The Ex-Muslims of North America group has started a new initiative. Here is their formal press release that was issued on 9th Dec … “Unbound: Life Beyond Faith” is a new video series which provides a brief glimpse into the lives of apostates from around the United States and Canada. Even in the West, many Ex-Muslims remain closeted … Read more

UK TV Alert – Today Thur 13th – Exposure: Islam’s Non-Believers

In the UK ITV is broadcasting “Exposure: Islam’s Non-Believers” tonight. The traditional penalty for becoming an ex-Muslim is death. While there are still roughly about 13 nations on the planet that have that penalty as part of their legal code, things are different in the UK. In theory, you can take on, practise, or discard … Read more