How to Destroy a School District in One Easy Lesson

Woodland Park School District in Colorado has been infiltrated and then utterly decimated by a group of religious fanatics. They belonged to a church run by Christian Nationalist Andrew Wommack. Actually, the word “decimated”might be the wrong description. That’s a reference to a form of punishment applied to any Roman Legion who dared to mutiny. To restore order, … Read more

Is the Influence of Religion declining or rising?

The question sounds simple until you give it a bit of thought? Here is what I mean. If you measured it by the rapidly rising numbers of people who are quitting religion, then you can argue that the influence of religion within the US is indeed in decline. Simply look at the vast number of … Read more

Christians – The most Persecuted group

The phrase “Persecution of Christians” brings to mind something akin to the above popular image of innocent loving people being tossed to the lions in the arena for the crime of simply holding a Christian belief. Be wary of embracing the myth. Myth? Well yes. Damnatio ad bestias We all carry within our heads a … Read more

The Flashing Divine Spark at Conception

There is a claim that at the moment of conception there is a visible spark. Spoiler alert, it’s a myth, and is simply not true at all. I’ll explain what is actually going on later. Despite this being revealed as a total myth to anybody who looks into it, Republican State Sen. Mike Azinger of West … Read more

The “People” Frozen to -320 degrees in Alabama

To the deep astonishment of many there has been a “discovery” that there are vast numbers of “people” who have been frozen to -320 degrees in Alabama. Well yes, this is of course about the IVF ruling lunacy. How could I possibly resist commenting on the observation that Republicans have now managed, if I may … Read more

Christian Persecution

Pastor Alistair Begg has been on the receiving end of a total shit-storm that descended and proceeded to grind him down, crush him, and then purge him. Why? He is a traditional Conservative Christian pastor that recently advised his radio listeners that it was OK to attend a transgender wedding. When other conservative christians became … Read more