Catholics in Washington (DC) challenge law empowering abuse survivors

A couple of weeks ago I was writing about how the Southern Baptist Convention had decided that it was a good look to pile into a sexual abuse case in KY that was nothing to directly do with them on the side of the abusers and against the victims. Why did they do that? Well, … Read more

Sharp decline of Latino Catholicism – Is this really surprising?

Pew published a poll on April 13 which revealed that many young Latinos are abandoning their traditional Catholicism and are instead becoming “Nones” (Nothing in Particular). Let’s first take a pass at what they survey reveals. Be warned, data statistics might sound “dull”, but there are a couple of “wow” moments coming up. Poll: Among … Read more

Catholic Diocese Totally screws up handling Sexual abuse

A continuous stream of revelations of Clerical sexual abuse and also the associated cover-ups has been a shock for many. What has become increasingly clear is that it has been happening on a literally global industrial scale over multiple decades, and most probably centuries. In our increasingly connected age there was no way that this … Read more

Science Teacher Fired for Being Gay

This story is not a unique event, but instead is simply a rinse and repeat of the same old bigotry by the Catholic Church. What happened? Sue Fustin was a science teacher in Decatur, Illinois. There she was taken on by Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. No secrets were kept. When she applied, she … Read more