Can we Fix the Current Mess?: Public Media vs Commercial Media

Give it some thought and you will perhaps appreciate that the advantages of a well-funded public media are abundant. Commercial media is driven by a profit motive. They are literally motivated to provide content that keeps us constantly enraged so that we remain hooked to them and thus generate revenue via advertising income. That is … Read more

Breitbart Claim: Boy Kills himself due to Critical Race Theory and COVID Mandates

"Masks Don't Work", a protest placard in Ohio

If you wade into the Breitbart pool, then you should do so in the full knowledge that this is not filled with pristine clear water that has been purged of lethal germs with just the right dose of editorial chlorine. Instead, it is a cesspit brimming with foul propaganda and disinformation that has been carefully … Read more

Do Stormy Daniels’ beliefs make her unfit to testify in lawsuit?

Stormy Daniels

I’m building up to a rather interesting question – what makes somebody unfit to testify? The twist in play here is that an argument is being made that simply holding a few unusual beliefs is sufficient. First, let’s play catchup. The name “Stormy Daniels” will be familiar. She became famous for being “friendly” with you … Read more