Bible banned from Utah School Libraries

The Bible has been banned. You can say it in many ways, for example you could use just one word, “Karma”, or even use a bible verse “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap“. However you say it, there is no denying that this is indeed a truly delicious dish that has now … Read more

Could you Land a Commercial Aircraft if the pilot passed out?

There are of course people out there who do have extensive flying experience, and could indeed give it a go if necessary. Let’s pop them to one side for now, because this is a question for everybody else. Yes, the question is literally the old Hollywood plot trope – You are on a commercial flight. … Read more

Many people now Hate Evangelicals

Pew just released a new survey that checks to see how we all feel about various religious groups. Dated March 15, you can find their report here. Pro Tip: If, for any survey, you can’t find such details, or you can’t work out exactly how they ran the survey, then you should be extremely skeptical … Read more

Why do some hold Paranormal Beliefs while others don’t?

Life after death, ghosts, gods, aliens, near-death experiences, and other similar beliefs all are topics that have no robust objective evidence. Such topics tend to reach a balance. There is just enough noise floating about to convince those that believe in the reality of it all, yet nothing conclusive ever emerges that is sufficient to … Read more

Pastor running Ponzi Scheme found guilty – he is going to jail

On Nov 17, a North Carolina court found Pastor Michael Baldwin guilty of running a fraudulent investment scam. What is the story here? Let’s find out. What exactly was he up to? He had established an “Investment Opportunity” called Miracle Mansion that started as long ago as 2009. The concept was this – it was … Read more

Are you being Groomed with Disinformation?

Marianna Spring, a correspondent working for the BBC, has been conducting a little experiment for the past two months. Here is what she did. She setup five very different social media profiles. Each represents a distinct view from the political spectrum. These profiles all got accounts on all the usual platforms, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc… … Read more