How should you respond to violent religious extremists?

Some people can and do embrace utterly absurd beliefs that inspire them to behave in a truly obnoxious manner, and so you might sometimes wonder what the best way to handle such absurdity actually is.

I’m thinking specifically of the extreme variations of Islamic belief that we are rather sadly familiar with.

Are these people you can reason with? Generally no.

Should we simply fight fire with fire and deploy violence and intolerance as a response to their violence and intolerance? If we do, then in what way exactly are we different, because when we do that we are playing their tune and running with an agenda.

There may however be a better way.

The deployment of ridicule, satire, parody and general mockery is often a highly effective response.

Here is an example I love.

Anonymous hacks Twitter ISIS supporters, makes it as fabulously gay as humanly possible

hacktivist collective Anonymous infiltrated hundreds of pro-ISIS Twitter accounts and gave them a wonderfully gay makeover.

For instance, they broke into ISIS account @gi_h_a_d35, changed his profile picture to a gay flag, and tweeted out this message:

“Hello World. It’s time I share with you a little secret…I’m Gay and I’m Proud!! #GayPride #OrlandoWillNotBeForgotten !!! #GhostOfNoNation.”


We should not fear them, but instead heap upon them the derision and mockery that they truly do deserve and get everybody laughing at them.

Now here is a nice little ISIS PR Video that has had a bit of tender gay love applied to it, enjoy.

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