The Scientific Method – A Revolution For Humanity

The most profound high-impact discovery ever made by humans has been the scientific method. Its rise has transformed the world we live in, and rippled into the lives of every human living on the planet. Our understanding of who we are, what really makes us tick, and where we came from has been revolutionized; the flow of information available to all has truly changed the human experience.

Our Demon Haunted World

Sadly, despite all the amazing discoveries and advances that science has brought, we still live in a world filled with superstition and irrational belief. Millions are still duped into believing in alternative medicines for which there is no evidence, and pay homage to mythical supernatural agents. The enlightenment has only just begun, there is still a long way to go.

Being Skeptical

You can be at the cutting edge, because this is not a domain restricted to the scientific community. The secret is simple, just be skeptical and practice critical thinking.

Skepticism is not about being cynical. Instead, it is the application of the scientific method within an everyday context. When faced with wild claims, don’t blindly accept or reject them. Instead, suspend judgment, follow the evidence, perform tests and see where it leads you. If you choose to do this, then you are utilizing a well-proven means to determine if a claim is wrong or not wrong.

When faced with religious beliefs, pseudo-science, woo, alternative medicine, superstition and other similar examples of fuzzy thinking that lead so many to embrace delusions as reality, then remember … be skeptical.

That, in a brief nutshell, is what this blog is all about.


1. Who runs this site?

I run this site.

2. Who pays for the site?

I pay for the cost of this site out of my personal funds.  I do not take any advertising, there is no commercial relationship with any corporate entity.

3. What is the purpose of the site?

The primary theme is skepticism and science, but I’ll often write about issues and events that interest me, horrify me, enrage me, amuse me, or enlighten me. This blog reflects my views and opinions.  Feel fee to disagree, be bored, or  offended.

4. Where does the information come from?

I attempt to provide links to all material I quote on this blog, and also to the site that pointed me to the material of interest wherever possible.

5. What is the basis of the information?

The core value for the site is evidence-based thinking, but upon that foundation you will also encounter layers of opinion and speculation

6. How is the information selected?

There is no editor,  I select the information to post.  I review the information, to the best of my ability.  Like most other blogs, there is no fact checker other than myself. I rely on my readers to correct me when wrong, or  mistaken and to share your experiences. I welcome comments whether you agree with me or not.

7. How current is the information?

Posting are date-stamped, so you can quickly see when a specific posting was written. I tend to blog about once per day, so you will usually find current postings via the home page.

8. How does the site choose links to other sites?

I never link to any site that asks, or pays, for a link  … period. (so please don’t ask). The links I provide are only to other sites that I feel are a good fit within the context of skepticism and critical thinking. This is a purely personal passion only.

9. What information about you does the site collect, and why?

Commenters are asked for email and URL, but this information is not verified.  I NEVER sell visitor information.

10. Is there anything you will not write about?

I do not write about the private lives and issues of those around me … ever.

11. I do not like something that has been written?

If you have a concern about any posting or comment being factually incorrect, please contact us. Provide details of who you are, how I can contact you, what your interest is, and what your concern is. If something has been written that is factually incorrect, it will be addressed. Anonymous complaints will be ignored.

12. How does the site manage interactions with visitors?

There is a “CONTACT” option available on the site banner at the top; I welcome comments.

I do not censor comments, I do however utilize a filter that automatically filters out the flood of comment spam. Apologies if you wrote a comment that did not make it through, just drop me an email and I’ll sort it out.

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    • This has been in the FAQ for a while, and hasn’t been answered in a while. The writer in the link you gave backs up his arguments with sources and even keeps his cool when under fire (see the part about the “Panda’s Thumb”). Someone please give an explanation of why it’s rubbish instead of just saying it is without a reason…


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